June 19, 2014

Summer Style Series // SFG Diary

The 31 Bits Summer Style Series… Meet the ladies behind Skinny Fat Girl DiaryThese girls are like instant best friends. We love seeing what they’re up to, and finding inspiration in their style tips, recipe ideas, even tools for entertaining! They’re sweet, relatable, and so much fun… we’re hooked on this trio! See why: 

31 Bits | SFG Diary

Name: Valorie Darling

Explain your style in one word: Girlie

Who you are / what you do / why you do it: I’m a destination wedding photographer (1/3 of SFG Diary) blogger, and co-founder of SoCal Hearts. I love it all and can’t decide what I want to do when I grow up! Haha. I’m obsessed with DIY, addicted to coffee, and love nothing more than traveling and a good dance party! I’m all over the map because why not?! It’s more fun this way…

What excites you about 31 Bits? I love wearing things that say something! These pieces all tell a story, and I love being able to share in that and help spread awareness while looking stylish.

Your 31 Bits Must-Have: The Felicity (currently sold out) that I’m wearing is just a perfect staple item. The array of multi colored strands help tie an outfit together because they are bound to accent some color in your ensemble. Plus, statement necklaces always jazz up an outfit! Pssst… I’m also crushing on the Fleur Bundle necklace!

Your goal this summer: To travel to Peru to hike Machu Picchu!

{Valorie is wearing an Asos Denim Tie Tank (on sale!) Forever 21 Skirt & Steve Madden Booties}

31 Bits | SFG Diary

Name: Lauren Gilmore

Explain your style in one word: Classic

Who you are / what you do / why you do it: California Dreamer, blogger / cook / fitness nut / tequila rep. I love people & community – connecting with people and sharing struggles/triumphs motivates me to never settle.

What excites you about 31 Bits: I love the story! The founders found something beautiful while traveling and instead of buying one and forgetting about it- they are creating a market for this beautiful jewelry and helping provide the women in these communities access to health care and education- it’s so inspiring!

Your 31 Bits Must-Have: The turquoise necklace (Bellflower) I’m wearing of course – it’s so versatile, perfect for work and play!

Your goal this summer: Travel somewhere new… Summer has come so quickly!

{Lauren is wearing a DVF Dress & Marc Jacobs Heels}

31 Bits | SFG Diary

Name: Jackie Strand

Explain your style in one word: Boho-comfort

Who you are / what you do / why you do it: I’m a New Yorker, good friend and fun loving, and an actress/social worker. I love to be creative and help those in need. Acting and psychology are related because it’s about empathizing and finding connections with others. 

What excites you about 31 Bits: What doesn’t excite me about 31 Bits?! I love what 31 Bits is all about; the message, the collaboration, and making a difference. Plus the jewelry is gorgeous, unique and bold… just like me!

31 Bits Must-Have: I’m in love with the Petal Cascade necklace and the Solstice Spark necklace that I’m wearing!

Your goal this summer: My goal this summer is to have fun and be kind to myself and others! The summer is a great time to let loose, hang out with friends/family and really enjoy my wonderful life! It’s easy to always feel like “I’m not doing enough” or being “productive enough”… feeling bad about what I don’t have. Remembering that life is about the journey, you have to embrace the moment, breathe and just keep moving forward! Happiness is in the little things… like a day on the beach!

{Jackie is wearing Urban Outfitters pantsPiko 1988 top & Superga sneakers}