September 4, 2019

Q&A with Molly Stillman

We got to know entrepreneur, ethical fashion blogger, podcast host, and mom, Molly Stillman. We’re excited to share with you why Molly supports ethical fashion, and how she balances running a business and being a mom. She gives us the scoop on the rewards and challenges that come with it all.

Molly Stillman Q&A

Molly Stillman is wearing our Rockaway Layers Necklace and Sierra Strands.

It was the first time I was able to really see, first hand, the lasting positive impact that fair trade could have on someone’s life. 

– Molly Stillman

1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m a follower of Jesus, a wife to John, a mom to Lilly and Amos on Earth, and Elijah and Malachi in heaven. I’ve been blogging since 2007 and podcasting since 2016! I travel the country and speak, teach workshops, and eat burritos. Okay, maybe I don’t travel to eat burritos… but, if there are burritos near wherever I’m traveling, you can bet I’m gonna get one. I believe many good things can come from conversations held over chips and salsa.

2. How do you live a balanced life being an entrepreneur and mom?

Balance is a myth… haha! 🙂 Honestly, the biggest thing for me is blocking out time for work and then making sure that when work time is done… it’s done. I try really hard whenever possible to not let my work spill over into family time.

3. Why do you choose to support ethical fashion?

I have always LOVED fashion, but I really became passionate about ethical fashion in 2011 when I went on my first trip to Kenya, and I had the opportunity to tour a fair trade factory there. 

It was the first time I was able to really see, first hand, the lasting positive impact that fair trade could have on someone’s life. I saw how business could be used as a force for good to improve the lives of so many women and men around the world. I believe in voting with your dollars every single day! 

4. Why do you choose to support 31 Bits?

31 Bits is one of the earliest ethical fashion brands I fell in love with. In fact, I still have one of my favorite 31 Bits necklaces from way back in the early days. I love that the pieces are stylish, trendy, unique, and also a touch of classic. Every time I wear something from 31 Bits someone stops me to ask about it!

5. What’s the most challenging part of living an ethical and sustainable lifestyle?

I would say “convenience” – although that is changing!! We live in an instant gratification, “microwave” culture. We want everything quick, easy, and right now. Sometimes, shopping ethically and sustainably takes a little bit of work and effort and that can be hard!

6. How do you pass on or encourage your children to be ethical ambassadors too?

Right now, at their young ages, we talk loosely about what it means to shop ethically, but most of all, we talk about what it looks like to be mindful, global citizens. We talk about kindness. We talk about gratitude and being good stewards of the gifts we’ve been given… and all of that translates into how we shop, how we live, etc. It’s a process, for sure!

7. What sparked your interest starting your podcast, Business With Purpose?

I started my podcast in the Summer of 2016 because I really wanted to take a lot of the stories of ethical and fair trade brands I was sharing on my blog and provide a new medium for them! I wanted to be able to really go deep into sharing the WHY behind these incredible companies.

I believe stories are powerful and connect us to something bigger than ourselves. The podcast really became the perfect medium to allow these incredible entrepreneurs and artisans to share their whys, their hows, and their missions with a larger, new audience. After 3 years and 160 interviews, I still LOVE what I do!

Check out Molly Stillman’s blog and podcast here.