September 5, 2016

Designers & Inspirers :: Splendid Rags

Creator of the blog Splendid Rags, Leslie Schneider’s love for color began when she was a little girl running around in hot pink converse and colorful bold prints. Since then her eye for style has incorporated vintage pieces, lots of color, flea market finds and classic brands. Infusing her own love for color and style, Leslie designed a necklace with a “chunky retro flare” that can compliment any style all year-round.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Splendid Rags

What is the inspiration behind your necklace? I was inspired to make something that would compliment a lot of my wardrobe. Keeping in mind I wanted this piece to be wearable for everyone, I kept it a solid bright pink with a chunky retro flare. Pink, in my opinion, can be worn year round and statement necklaces are my absolute favorite!

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Splendid Rags

How would you rock it? For sure you’ll be seeing me wear this necklace with lots of my vintage dresses! I think with fall then the holidays coming around the corner I can see myself wearing this necklace with a simple black sweater or black dress (makes for a dramatic POP). It’s also the kind of accessory I would wear with just about anything…  t-shirt and jeans, neutrals and brights, solids and prints.

 What inspires you? I gain inspiration from a large variety of things! I would say most recently I’ve been inspired from the places that I’ve recently traveled. New experiences, scenery, culture, food, and fashion are all things I try to absorb while traveling. I love every minute of it and I always come home feeling really inspired and rejuvenated.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Splendid Rags

What is your favorite thing about 31 Bits? Umm, EVERYTHING!! Haha. Really though, I love that 31 Bits isMORE than just a jewelry line. Wearing 31 Bits means supporting the women in Uganda to rise above poverty. It is a product that not only aesthetically works with my wardrobe but is also made by the handsof these Ugandan women. Pretty incredible. 

What does this project mean for you? Gosh, I am SO BEYOND THRILLED to be a part of this project! I have been a forever fan of 31 Bits for many, many years and I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership! I’m hoping it means I’ll have an opportunity to connect with other women who love supporting 31 Bits just as much as I do. (If that’s YOU, head on over to @splendid_rags and say hello)!

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Splendid Rags

Describe your style: My style usually consists of bright colors year-round. I am equally a heels and sneakers girl, love them both! My wardrobe is mostly vintage garments I find at flea markets along with modern classic brands such as J.Crew and Madewell. I would say my style is a mixture of the past and the present. (If that makes sense!)

What’s new in your world? I just quit my day job to work on Splendid Rags full time. It’s both exciting andscary. Right now I’m focused on growing Splendid Rags outside the social media realms. I’m hoping to one day have a tangible brand (possible product line? We’ll see!). 

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Splendid Rags

Where do you get your style inspiration from? I still remember some of the colorful dresses and bright prints my mom would dress me in when I was young. I was a blonde pigtailed kid in the 80’s running around in hot pink converse. Some things never change. My style still reflects my childhood.

Fave Fall activity? I would say Disneyland in the Fall is probably one of my favorite things. It’s the perfect weather and not too crowded. What can I say, it’s the happiest place on earth!

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Splendid Rags

Why “Splendid Rags”? Good question. My dad is actually the one who came up with it. He gets the credit. If there’s any sort of meaning I have not come across it yet, but maybe one day I will. 

What’s your trick to keeping your bright and colorful style in the Fall/Winter? There’s no trick really. I just wear colorful warm-weather clothes. However it sometimes is difficult to find bright/colorful apparel during this season. You have to seek it out. J.Crew usually has a beautiful color list for coats and sweaters. If you don’t have a lot of colorful clothes you can always thrown on a pop of color in your accessories. 

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Splendid Rags

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