November 6, 2017


 We teamed up with four fashionistas who are using their platforms, careers, and lifestyles to inspire women globally. They’re not only rockstars at their day jobs, but their stories and talents have inspired us to chase our dreams, live outside our comfort zone, and make the world a better place. They each designed a piece of jewelry for 31 Bits as a reflection of their stories, creativity and personal style.


Meet Sarah Dubbeldam.

Sarah is the CEO of Darling Media and Editor-in-Chief of Darling Magazine, which she started right out of college as a way to form a platform that would be real, authentic and focus on a woman’s inner character and it’s influence on outward beauty. Inspired yet?! Us too. 

In a few sentences, tell us a little bit about YOU!

My name is Sarah Dubbeldam, and I am the CEO of Darling Media and Editor-in-Chief of Darling Magazine. I am a woman who believes in empowering women in their gifts and directing them towards their purpose. I love providing encouragement and a space for honest conversation through my platform. In my free time I love being in nature, spending time with my family and seeking creativity all around me in the world.

What does this project mean to you?

I love that 31 Bits is partnering with creative women from the world of business and giving them an avenue to express their unique style and personality. It is very special to be able to create a tangible product with such a mission driven company.

Describe your necklace, why you chose this style, and what you’d pair it with!

The necklace I designed is a simple chain with a gold bar across it. It’s a necklace that I’ve always wanted so I was excited to design it with 31 Bits! It’s simple and very much a reflection of my personal style. Since it hits at exactly the right place on the neckline, it’s versatile to wear with any top: a t-shirt, a collared shirt, a v-neck or even strapless. I would wear it to dress up a simple black dress or just with a white t-shirt and denim for a normal work day.

What inspired you to start Darling, and how has the journey been?

I started Darling right out of college because I was struggling with depression and anxiety and I didn’t know where to turn to for solid, wise advice. All of the women’s outlets were telling the message of, “You have to alter yourself in order to be happy and beautiful.” The message always seemed to be about items I couldn’t afford, 101 new sex tips, and shallow articles that didn’t mean anything to me or my friends.

I decided to create a platform that would be real, authentic and focus on inner character and how that influences outward beauty. It needed to be one that would talk about issues that matter for women, along with visually trying to retrain how we see beauty, to open it up to all sizes, shapes, and ethnicities.

We have been on a very long journey from starting on Kickstarter to building a multi-platform media company: print, online, social, events and video. It has been a wild ride, but it’s also been motivating to see the impact that we are making in society through our stance against retouching and the authentic content we are producing.

Describe your style:

My style is a blend of New York, Stockholm and Paris. I have a very classic taste in clothing: white collared shirts, lived-in denim, loafers, fun hats, scarves. and the like. I love mixing masculine with feminine, and I wear minimal jewelry that adds just a little bit of flair to my outfits.

Any trends you’re digging this Fall/Holiday season?

I’m really loving the different types of denim, from the high-waisted to the mom jeans to the vintage Levi’s, to the frayed edges. I’ve been really interested in asymmetrical cuts on the bottoms of denim paired with really cute loafers and cozy sweaters.

What’s next for you? 

I’m really excited to travel to Japan this month with my husband and one year old son, Judah. And whenever I travel, I get SO inspired for the visuals for the magazine and our creative direction.

At Darling, we’ve been working on a feature length documentary called “self(i.e.)” in conjunction with Aerie. It’s about the world of retouching and the pressures placed on women to be perfect. We’ve been releasing short clips of it every Wednesday and we will release the feature-length next year. It’s our first full-length video project through Darling Studios so we are very excited about that!

There are so many fun things on the horizon with brand partnerships and of course we’re working away on our winter issue, which will release later this month!

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