September 5, 2016

Designers & Inspirers :: Candace & Natasha Bure

Candace Cameron Bure is an actress, talk show host, mom, wife, and now a designer. You may recognize her from Full House, Fuller House, The View and more. Her talented daughter, Natasha Bure, is a talented singer working on her music career. The Mother/Daughter duo designed 31 Bits pieces that are a reflection of themselves and the charming relationship they have with one another…they are better together. How does this mother/daughter duo stay stylish, pursue their dreams, and keep a great relationship? We sat down with them and found out how:

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Candace & Natasha Bure

How would you describe your relationship with each other?

Candace: Fun, silly and entertaining. We love hanging out with each other but have respect for our age difference and being mother and daughter.

Natasha: My mom and I have a great relationship. We both love being goofy together and laughing a lot. I think thats what I love most about my relationship with my Mom. I love being able to just be silly with her. Between her schedule and my schedule, its not always the easiest to have one on one time together…but when we do, I love that its always fun and happy.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Natasha Bure

Favorite thing about each other’s style:

Candace: Natasha does chic-preppy well. Living in L.A. a lot of teens and young adults tend to show off all their goods (if you know what I mean). I love that Natasha is always stylish, but doesn’t fall into “trendy” if it doesn’t reflect who she is.

Natasha: My favorite thing about my mom’s style is how she can go from edgy to classy in a minute. I think her style is always pretty simplistic but has some sort of flare.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Candace & Natasha Bure

Favorite thing to do together:

Natasha: My favorite thing to do together is shopping, going out to eat, and hanging out on set. I love just hanging out and being goofy with my Mom.

Candace: Make youtube/instagram videos and take photos. And most of all… talking about life.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Candace & Natasha Bure

What is the inspiration behind your piece?

Candace: We wanted to make pieces you could wear together or separately. We love layering necklaces and each of us has specific lengths and styles that reflect our style. We wanted pieces that were more understated when worn, adding to whatever you’re wearing, but not being the center piece of what you’re wearing. It’s clean, can be classic or have a boho feel to it. I’ve always worn golds over silver and knew I wanted to add rose gold to these pieces. It’s warm with every skin tone and plays beautifully as a neutral color without being boring. A little metallic goes a long way, adding something special that isn’t over the top. It’s adds a little fancy to a totally casual look, which is L.A. itself. And we are, L.A. girls.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Candace & Natasha Bure

How would you rock it / What would you wear it with?

Candace: I would rock them with everything! I love both pieces together, but they can be worn separately. A white strappy sundress, a structured jean dress, or super casual with jeans, a graphic tee or cut off sweatshirt.

What inspires you?

Natasha: Something that inspires me, is the fact that I am able to be unique and do whatever I want, as long as I work hard and set my mind to it. In this day in age, its so important to be who you are and be happy with the unique person you were made to be! I love that I can walk out the door and know that there is only one Natasha Bure. There is only one me and I can use my talents and abilities to bless and inspire others.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Candace & Natasha Bure

What does this project mean for you?

Candace: Getting to design with my daughter was personally fulfilling and fun. Giving others a little sense of yourself and style is equally exciting. Most of all, 31 Bits is a rockstar company who cares most about giving back, extending opportunity and lovingly teaching self worth and value to woman who may not have known otherwise.

What’s next for you?

Natasha: Right now I am working on music music music. This year, instead of going to college, I am taking a gap year to focus on my passion which is music. I am so excited to be spending this much time on something that I think about 24/7. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to release a few of my original songs on an EP.

Candace: Season 2 of Fuller House on Netflix (coming at the end of 2016), another year co-hosting talk show The View, and a new Hallmark Channel Christmas movie!

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Candace & Natasha BureWhere do you get your style inspiration from?

Candace: I get my inspirations from others’ street style. I travel so much and love looking at people’s style from around the world. I make a mental note of what things I like, or how someone wears something. I peruse fashion blogs and Instagram feeds too. I’m practical too, so I find my inspiration and evolve it into what works for me.

Natasha: I get a lot of my style inspiration from the current trends, but also a lot from my mom. I really love my mom’s style and the things that she wears. I get a lot of inspiration from her which is why I am excited to do this project with HER!

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