September 5, 2016

Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

Jacqui Saldana is inspiring parents everywhere to make the most of the time they have with their children. Her motherhood journey encompasses both joy and heart break, but she’s chosen to use her story and passions as inspiration and encouragement for others. Through her company Baby Boy Bakery Kids, she is creating products that bring parents and children together by cooking together. Jacqui created a layered design that is simple and sophisticated, wearable for any woman on the go. She also created a “Mommy and Me set” as just one more way for moms to connect with their young daughters.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

What is the inspiration behind your piece?

I really wanted to create a piece that women would feel good about wearing daily. Something that offers a little funk and pop of color, though subtle enough to wear with every outfit. It is important to me to design pieces that would fit a large variety of women and their styles. Its the people pleaser in me, I want to make everyone happy. I truly think everyone will adore the jewelry I designed.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

How will you rock it?

You can never pull me out of my high waisted jeans and white v-neck tee. I think my piece really fits well with my daily outfit and adds a bit of sparkle and “put-togetherness”. As a mom I need all the help I can get when getting ready. I love that this piece offers a layered look with such ease! One and done! Though with the gold accents it could be dressed up too.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

What inspires you?

My children and my motherhood journey. It sounds so simple, though my children truly are my muse. I like to emulate their personalities and our memories into products I design. With this jewelry I pulled a lot of inspiration from my motherhood journey. I wanted to come up with a piece that makes me smile and feel good while tackling my day to day. I wanted to design something that was easy and could elevate a simple outfit making moms everywhere feel incredible. As a mother we want to pass on special jewels or items to our children … our grand children. I held that notion close as I created these pieces because I wanted to have a piece worth handing down in the end. In the end my children and being a mother is everything to me and they not only inspire my creativity, they inspire every aspect of my life. My little ones have a hand in directing me to choose and do what I do always.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

What drew you to 31 Bits?

Honestly, I have always been a fan of 31 Bits. I have friends that LIVE for 31 Bits. I have always known about them. I love what they stand for and the pure generosity they have is outstanding. I always crave businesses layered thick with philanthropic qualities and the women at 31 Bits really just have it all. You can’t go wrong with beautiful style paired with beautiful hearts. When they approached me about designing a few pieces I couldn’t say no. I had never designed jewelry before and I knew that 31 Bits was the perfect pair for me.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

What does this project mean for you?

It means a great deal. As my daughter is too young at the moment to grasp any of this, I hope to show her the jewels I designed and wear them with her. I hope she keeps them close and passing them down. It means a lot to me to create something that other mothers and women will wear and feel confident about. That is what it is about, empowering women as a group to feel good.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

Describe your style:

My style is very simple. I love jeans and tees and booties. I try to to keep up with the trends but really nothing is sexier than a great pair of jeans that fit well and a good tee that hugs you at all the right places. Adding 31 Bits to that get-up is the cherry on top. But I will tell you a secret…I typically look like a slob while running errands in yoga pants and an extra baggy tee with baby spit on it.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I honestly thrive off basics and love experimenting with them in different ways. I hold tight to classics such as; denim, chambray and stripes. The way I add my own flare are with cool shoes, jewelry and bright lip colors.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

What are you working on next?

I feel like I can never be at a stand still. I am always working on new things which is exciting. I create and design content for my brand Baby Boy Bakery Kids and currently we are working on online cooking classes for little ones to boost their kitchen know-how and confidence called We Learn. Baby Boy Bakery Kids also just launched We Wear which are graphic tees that emulate the wild and funk within every child.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery

Tell us about We Cook!

We Cook is my passion project. They are cooking kits delivered monthly to children that house detailed recipe cards, kitchen tools and fun activities all centered around parents and children cooking together. We Cook was inspired by my own son and our love for cooking together in the kitchen. I believe the kitchen offers such a fantastic backdrop for learning and fun and I hope to inspire parents to cook with their children. I want to encourage parents to make memories and teach their child about how various foods are made to be. We Cook not only kick starts childhood cooking but also memory keeping and parent-child evolvement.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Baby Boy Bakery
Your fave go-to recipe:


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Ice Cream in a waffle cone!

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