June 18, 2019

Bethany Hamilton Designs Responsibly-Made Jewelry

We teamed up with pro-surfer and mama, Bethany Hamilton, to design her first-ever line of responsibly-made jewelry! Each piece brings Bethany’s surfer style straight to your wardrobe, while impacting lives of artisans in Uganda and Indonesia. Shop the exclusive collaboration here.


“When faced with an obstacle, you can choose to live in fear or allow it to push you forward” – Bethany Hamilton

Bethany had every reason to give up on surfing after she lost her left arm to a shark at 13 years-old, but within a month, she was back in the water with a relentless passion to pursue her dreams.

We admire so much about Bethany. Not only is she a professional surfer, but she also inspires others to be their true, beautiful selves.

“I want girls to know that beauty can come from hard times and that God is more than enough for us.” – Bethany Hamilton

We interviewed Bethany to get the scoop on overcoming obstacles, growing up in the press, living balance as a pro-athlete and mom… and more!



What has pushed you to pursue your dreams when you had every reason to give up?

My passion for surfing and love of the ocean. Probably my competitive spirit too 🙂 That inner challenge to myself to see what was possible… once I accomplished one thing, it was like, what else is possible?

How did you deal with all of the press as a teenager, and fight the labels the public would give you?

It was not easy for me, honestly. I’m more of an introvert and homebody, so being in the public eye was a major adjustment. The shark attack survivor label has definitely gotten old; but it is one part of my story. While I’ve learned to embrace the beauty of what I’ve overcome, part of me working on my new film, Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable, is to help tell a new story of who I am! I’ve not just continued to surf, I’ve done so at a level comparable to the top women surfers in the world!

You’re a pro-athlete, a mom of two, travel the world for work, and run a non-profit… how do you stay balanced?

My family definitely comes first! Adam and I have a unique situation where we’ve made sure I’m still able to be a full-time mom, but also have a career. Adam is a full time support and partner in it all. Sometimes the boys will come to the beach when I surf, or share my cross-training time. Or I’ll schedule meetings while they nap! We’ve found we must say ‘no’ to more opportunities in order to better to balance all we do.

We still have so much to learn, but our priority is our family, then surfing along with pouring into my followers more intentionally and ministry. I’m so thankful to share life the way I do. I know I wouldn’t want to miss these sweet precious young years, or any years really! We also have an awesome team of passionate people helping us in everything!

As an athlete, how do you stay focused and motivated?

I am so passionate about surfing, so its always on the forefront of my mind. And because surfing is what I do professionally, I desire to continually improve which helps keep me motivated and focused. It’s so much fun and I hope to surf as I age too, so that motivates me towards longevity health.

Tell us about your non-profit, Friends of Bethany, and it’s impact on the amputee community.

We believe the longing within every person to overcome the trials, pains, and difficulties of life are possible in Jesus Christ. So Friends of Bethany’s mission is to encourage a broken world and offer hope to overcome through Him. Friends of Bethany produces events that inspire, partners with me to share stories of hope, and responds with encouragement to traumatic amputees to give hope in a difficult time. One of my favorite events of theirs is the Beautifully Flawed Retreat. It’s been amazing to see how life-changing this event has been for young amputee women. Girls come away from the retreat with a new perspective on their life, a revitalized purpose, and a sisterhood bond to support one another going forward.

Why did you want to partner with 31 Bits?

I love a brand like 31 Bits that shares similar values, creates handmade pieces, and truly cares for the artisans they partner with. Plus 31 bits makes adorable jewelry!

Tell us about the jewelry you designed and how this collection reflects your style.

Well I love earrings so the dangly earring we created remind me of the deep ocean and the treasures you can find! They are very flattering! All the pieces are ocean inspired naturally.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Being mom is my most treasured accomplishment; there’s so much value in being present and investing in our kids’ lives whole-heartedly! I am thankful to God every day to be a mom.

Outside of that, I think going back in the water to try surfing again with one arm and the journey since! Almost everything else that has happened since then stemmed from that willingness to try.

What advice would you give someone who feels like they have every reason to give up on their dream?

I’d like to remind you that beauty can come from hard times and that God is more than enough for us. Ephesians 2:9 says God’s grace and our faith is a gift from God and it’s forever ours. Whatever we may go through we have God-given value and beauty which should be celebrated, care for and thought of in a healthy way. And while life is bumpy there is hope to overcome the difficulties we face through passion, faith and the right perspective.

What’s next for you?

I have a film coming out in theaters on July 12th called Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable! I’m also excited to be intentionally pouring more into all who follow my life journey, maybe that’s you or someone you know. I’m developing an online course called the Unstoppable Year and am putting out weekly content on my website. I’ll surf you through life’s tough stuff, talk story and all things life. I’ll share about beauty and pain, joy and sadness, failure and triumphs, and help you live a deeply rich and meaningful life strengthened in your faith. I will bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning, and keep it real and honest as I go. Aiming to help you live your own unstoppable life! Check out the new


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