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March 26, 2018

Success Story :: Laker Susan

If you were to ask any of our Ladies or Staff around the compound to describe Susan in one word, they would say “loved.” The sound of laughter often booms throughout our compound all thanks to Susan. She is one of the most warm-hearted and respected women our 31 Bits team has ever met. She is a mother of three – one studying in Medical School, one finishing up Secondary School, and one adorable son named Elvis in daycare. Her husband owns a hardware shop, and together they encourage one another to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

After Susan’s time at Bits, she took all the training and skills she had learned to start her very own restaurant – the very first “31 Bits” restaurant. She took her savings from her time at Bits and began this business venture all on her own. The restaurant is located on a main road running through Gulu and serves everything from chicken, to fish, to cassava, to rice. And of course, she is always making tea for African “tea time.”

Our staff raves about the warm and welcoming environment that the 31 Bits restaurant is so famous for. Not only is the food amazing, but the service is un-paralleled. Locals are constantly filing in and out for tea breaks or family dinners, there is never an empty moment at the 31 Bits Restaurant!

Moving forward, Susan is thinking of adding local produce to the restaurant in order to increase her profits. Due to Susan’s success she was able to purchase land for her family, as well as her mother’s, to eventually build a home on in time.

We could not be more proud of all that Susan has done! She leads by example and is such a strong role model for the 31 Bits ladies and everyone around her.