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March 21, 2018

Success Story :: Arach Pauline

Every once and awhile we like to share some of our favorite artisan stories… Arach Pauline is one of them!
Before Pauline came to Bits, she was constantly taking any job she could find. After her husband left her and her young son, she was doing all she could to support her family but time after time she was left hungry and worried about providing for her little boy.
When Pauline finally joined the 31 Bits family, she was one of the hardest workers our team had come across. She focused not only on jewelry making skills, but also the business and finance classes that the Bits program provides. 
Pauline with her friends
Through her dedication and devotion to success, she was able to support her sweet boy and, now, his new baby sister, all on her own. Her ambition grew during her time at Bits and she continued to ask for more projects and more tasks. She eventually applied for a loan in order to buy some land and start building her very own home. Through the business skills she learneds, she was able to pay off her loan immediately and begin a new business venture. 
Pauline and her son in front of her apartment building
Pauline has successfully built herself an entire apartment building, with 7 beautiful apartments, in which her family now lives and rents out to families in the area. The Bits team had the wonderful opportunity of visiting this building and we were blown away by Pauline’s success. Gladies, our Livelihoods Manager, named Pauline “Bits biggest success story.” Pauline has shared that she is so appreciative of all that she has learned from the women of Bits. 
Pauline plans to continue building and renting apartments to not only support just her own family but those around her as well. She turned her dreams into reality through the help of 31 Bits and we could not be more proud of her. Women like Pauline are why we do what we do!
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