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August 24, 2016

Graduate Spotlight :: Onen Rose

These past few weeks we’ve been posting photos and stories about several of the ladies that graduated from 31 Bits in June.

ALL 26 graduates have spent the last five years learning, saving, and building successful businesses of their own. With her savings at 31 Bits, Onen Rose was able to purchase land and  harvests nuts, beans and maize. She now sells her crops at the main market in Gulu, and has many happy & loyal customers!

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Onen Rose

Before 31 Bits, Rose was making money by digging holes. Her family lived in a small hut with no beds – just a mat to sleep on. Since being employed by 31 Bits, Rose has not only purchased land, but constructed a 3 bedroom house for her and her family!

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Onen Rose

After joining Bits, Rose was so excited, motivated, and joyful. Her health started to improve greatly (she is HIV positive).

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Onen Rose

Rose now sees herself as a role model in the community – especially for other women who are HIV positive.

She is working hard to reduce the stigma of those who are HIV positive, and spends her free time counseling women who have recently been diagnosed.

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Onen Rose

Rose’s story is one that often brings our team to tears. We’re so proud of Rose, and all that she is doing – not just for her family, but for the community Gulu.

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Onen Rose

Photos by Alice Lee