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August 16, 2016

Graduate Spotlight :: Anena Charity

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting photos and stories about several of the ladies that graduated from 31 Bits in June.

ALL 26 graduates have spent the last five years learning, saving, and building successful businesses of their own. One amazing example, is that of Anena Charity! She owns and runs a popular “Pork Roasting Joint” – and has one of the best lunch specials in town!!

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Anena Charity

Open six days a week for lunch and dinner, Charity has a loyal following and is known for serving delicious fried pork, cassava chips, and a fresh cabbage salad! Charity worked hard to save her money from 31 Bits to buy her shop, invest in equipment, and hire employees.

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Anena Charity

When asked what her favorite part of owning a restaurant is, she smiles and says “Making my customers happy, and preparing the pork!”

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Anena Charity

Looking back on her time at 31 Bits, Charity says that she is most thankful for the community. “When I am there, I feel that I can share all of my problems. My friends can help me.”

We’re so proud of you, Charity! We can’t wait to see how your business grows and thrives… and we’re already craving more of your delicious cooking!

31 Bits Graduate Spotlight :: Anena Charity

Photos by Alice Lee