September 5, 2016

Designers & Inspirers :: Lauren Scruggs

Stylist, magazine editor, and entrepreneur Lauren Scruggs has never let hardship define her. After recovering from a fluke helicopter accident in 201_, she pushed forward to start Lolo Mag, an online lifestyle magazine (one of our fave place to find style inspiration!) and is about to launch an all-natural, vegan dry shampoo called Stranded (launching this Fall!). Lauren is an inspiration to persevere through tragedy because the passions within you should not be compressed. Keeping her love for all things feminine and neutral, she has designed a necklace to add an effortless touch to any outfit.

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Lauren Scruggs

What is the inspiration behind your piece? I am all about anything neutral and feminine, so I kept that in mind while designing this piece. Not to mention, the fact that the women who are making this necklace are rising above poverty through the art of creativity is so inspiring! That is the best part of it all!

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Lauren Scruggs

How will you rock it? I am going to wear this with light-washed denim overalls, a basic tank, and some pretty sandals or a platform sneaker (my go to right now!).

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Lauren ScruggsWhat inspires you? Empowered women that push through fears and pursue their passions freely. Oh! And beaches and beach towns!

What is your favorite thing about 31 Bits? I love that y’all value the creator and the consumer! It is such apicture of what defines success in a business – that people are fully cared for, encouraged creatively, and are in an atmosphere that esteems community!

What does this project mean for you? This project is so special to me and I am honored and grateful to be a part. I love learning about other women that are designers with an inspiring story. It is such a beautiful thing to celebrate!

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Lauren Scruggs

Describe your style: Laid back, neutral, and California classic (bring on the hats and oversized sweatshirts for beach nights!).

What’s next for you? I am in the process of starting a foundation to provide beautiful prostheses forwomen,expanding the vision and purpose of my blog, anticipating my twin sister having her first baby (my excitement is on another level), and preparing for the launch of our hair product, Stranded!

Where do you get your style inspiration from? Bloggers, ShopBop editorial emails, and my mom.

Fave Fall activity? Sitting by fires, cozy beach weekends, carving pumpkins, long dinners, lots of family time, and hot matcha lattes!

Tell us ALL about Stranded!! Stranded is a powdered, dry shampoo and hair perfume for saucy blondes, beautiful brunettes, and fiery redheads—all the while leaving locks freshly perfumed and viable for another day without washing. It is an all-natural product, lacking in GMO’s, gluten free, and vegan. I hope you love it as much as we do!! (Available this Fall!)

31 Bits Designers & Inspirers :: Lauren Scruggs

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